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My clients have one thing in common - a space they want to make their own. From cottages to castles, shops to shopping centres - every starting point is different. Some have a vision for their space. Some are overawed by possibilities!  For others it begins with a fragment; an idea, a colourway, a financial ambition, a childhood memory.

There's no template or style guide for creating a space that rings true. Just an orientation. It's called, ‘standing in your shoes’. That's where insight comes from.  You speak. I interpret. We collaborate. We make. 


Kensington Project



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Designed spaces are a coherent expression of your personality or brand, but they should also be put to work. A well-designed work space can help with productivity, but a great design will infuse staff with a sense of purpose. A refurbished shop or restaurant can captivate its customers in the short term, but it must also connect with them for their loyalty in the long-term. A lovely home should soothe the moment you walk through the door, but rooms can also inspire, provoke or challenge you. It depends what you want them to do and how they'll fit with the grain of your life. 


Welsh Longhouse Project




Kitchen Project

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Holiday Let

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 Pant Y Bryn

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 Ludlow Castle

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Successfully implementing designs is just as important as creating them. Practical know-how, a tried and tested supplier network and good project management are all needed for a smooth transition from idea to reality. I have over thirty years' experience managing the design process. I make sure it's completed to the highest standard, is cost effective, delivered on time and on - or under - budget.  

Feel free to contact me about your space or for further details of my work.

Thank you.

Christina Flexen-Mitchell